About Us

Experience Thinkers is a place for learning, evolving and creating community. Our expert-led UX training courses and certifications teach the approaches, methods and practical knowledge that will help individuals and teams to deliver meaningful experiences.

Who we are

Training since 2007

Experience Thinkers is the next generation of UX Training and Certification originally brought to you by Akendi. 

Focus on human-centred design

We have delivered training helping over 4,000 professionals from a wide array of teams to integrate core UX principles in their work so they may become leaders in product and service innovation.

56+ training sessions per year

We bring expert insight, wisdom and examples to the forefront of the learning experience. Our goal is to improve the way experiences are created for customers, citizens and users.
Join our growing number of learners that already work in the UX field or are tasked to do UX activities. Become an Experience Thinker!